Reasons to join us


More than just a  martial art, there are many ways in which Aikido can improve your way of life and general well-being:


Aikido helps to develop all-round physical fitness in a unique manner. Unlike many other sports, where specific muscle groups are targeted and trained to develop speed, mass or power, Aikido concentrates on moving the whole body in a coordinated and relaxed manner.

Because movement originates from the centre of the body, the power generated is extended naturally to the limbs in a more efficient way without putting excessive stress on joints.

The result is great flexibility, efficient muscle movement, high aerobic fitness, and a reduced risk of injury through over-training.


In order to be a successful aikidoka, the mind and body must become “one”. Aikido can teach you great self-awareness and control over your own body and how it moves in a three-dimensional space.

Mental relaxation is a key part of achieving focus and understanding how to react in a hostile situation. Aikido teaches the student to face conflict pro-actively and resolve attacks in a constructive manner.

The mindset achieved through long-term Aikido training can be applied to everyday life to resolve conflict through non-violent yet assertive means.


Join Us

The great thing about Aikido training is that it can allow a well-trained Aikidoka to overcome someone who is physically bigger or stronger than themselves.

Aikido is used by many police forces world-wide and in institutions where non-violent but assertive action is required.

Taking the first step and joining is usually the hardest! If you’ve never experienced a martial art before don’t worry our instructors will guide and help you in a controlled and safe manner.